Privacy Policy of World Infotech Solution

We at World Infotech Solution respect each client's right to personal privacy. We collect and use information through our website only as disclosed in this Privacy Policy. We want our users to always be aware of any information we collect and how we use it.

  We collects information during the registration process. The personally identifiable information that we collect includes your first and last name. We also collects non-personally identifiable information such as country, age, gender, etc. You may update your Registration Information at any time from the members' area.

We may disclose aggregate registration statistics in connection with our marketing activities.

  Your registration information is needed to operate the site, to provide support for your account, for statistical purposes, etc. World Infotech Solution will not send you any unsolicited information, including e-mail, except as mentioned below. New Customers will receive a World Infotech Solution Hosting welcome letter explaining the features provided by the service. World Infotech Solution may also send periodic member letters to announce important service changes, new features, technical issue updates and news about the Service. World Infotech Solution keeps your personally identifiable information private and does not share it with any unauthorized third parties.

 If you have any questions about this privacy statement, or our Web sites, you may contact us.